dinsdag 12 juli 2011

WOYWW 110 - Travel Journal

Hier is mijn bureaublad voor deze woensdag. En je ziet het goed, hij is tijdelijk verplaatst naar de tuin. Mijn eigen knutselkamer ligt aan de noordwest kant van onze woning. Een hartstikke fijne plek, maar ook een koude plek. Dus wanneer het weer het even toelaat ga ik, met mijn knutselspullen, in de tuin zitten. Het enige nadeel hiervan is dat ik in een behoorlijk winderige streek woon. Ik moet dus goed opletten dat er niets weg waait.

Well, here is my work desk today. And yes....it's temporarily moved to the garden. My own craft room and work desk is normally on the northwest side of the house. It's a good place, but also a cold one. So when the weather is fine I try to sit, with my craft things, in the garden. The only problem is that I live in a very windy area, so I have to watch out for losing my stuff to the wind. 

Dat is een van de redenen dat je vandaag niet de normale knutselspullen ziet. Als je, deze week, beter naar mijn werkplek kijkt, dan zie je verschillende boeken, folders over diverse streken in Groot Brittannië... en verder vind je mijn reisdagboek, lijm, andere schrijfspullen en een mok thee.

That's one reason you don't see the normal crafting things this time. When you take a closer look this week , you'll see books, maps and leaflets of different area's in Great Britain ...and, of course, you'll find my travel journal, glue, other writing stuff and a cuppa.

Maar misschien vraag je jezelf af: "Waarom schrijft ze haar reisverslag nu ze weer thuis is?" Die vraag is heel eenvoudig te beantwoorden. In mijn webbericht van twee weken geleden (wil je er meer over lezen, volg dan deze link) vertelde ik dat ik net terug was van onze vakantie in Groot Brittannië.

In de eerste twee weken van deze vakantie heb ik mijn reisverslag nog bij kunnen houden, maar tijdens de laatste twee weken lukte dit niet meer vanwege de kou (ongeveer 5 graden ´s avonds) in de tent. Dus heb ik aantekeningen gemaakt over de gebeurtenissen in die laatste weken en allerlei folders verzameld. Nu, thuis, is het tijd om deze aantekeningen uit te werken en de plaatjes erbij te plakken. Ik hoop dat ik niets vergeet.

Maybe you ask yourself: "Why she's writing her travel journal now, when she's back at home?" Well, that's easily answered. In my post from two weeks ago (if you want to read more, follow this link) I told you we were just back home from our holiday in the UK.

I kept my journal for the first two weeks, but during the last two weeks I couldn't manage it because it was just too cold (about 5 degrees in the evening) in our tent. So I wrote some small reminders of what we did and also collected all these leaflets. Now, back home, it's time to work on all these small stories. Hopefully I haven't  forget anything.

Maar terwijl ik dit zit te schrijven bedenk ik... maakt iemand van jullie wel eens een reisverslag? En misschien heb je nog een paar goede ideeën of tips voor mij, zodat ik het de volgende keer eens op een andere manier kan doen.
Have a happy and crafty Wednesday.

As I write this I'm thinking .... are any of you out there keeping travel journals too? Maybe you can give me some inspiring ideas and tips of doing it in a different way for the next time.
Have a happy and crafty Wednesday,

18 opmerkingen:

Helen zei

I am sure your journal will be fine for waiting till you got home!

ScrappnBee zei

Love the journal idea! I am planning on doing the same thing with all that I collected from the holiday that my husband and I had this weekend. Yours looks so cool!

Lesley zei

I'm sorry it was so cold when you visited us in the UK. Hopefully next time it will be sunny and warm.

Neil zei

Thanks for sharing your space, have a good week!

Minxy zei

Now thats one delightful craft area, hope you have plenty of paperweights to hold everything down!
Happy wednesday
hugs Minxy x

sasa zei

Looks such a wonderful place to sit and craft. Great that you are putting the memories to paper. I think I feel Art Journalling coming on...you've got the ink, stamps, stories and creativity!!!!
Enjoy your week and look forward to seeing more soon!

Spyder zei

Great place to craft, and you culd always nail your things down (only joking) Love your journal, I must get some inks before I cando as good a job as yours. Happy Crafting! HaPpY WoYwW

Angie zei

What a shame you had to camp when the nights were so cold ...sometimes they are actually too hot to sleep. ....I would never be organized enough to make or record in a travel journal.

Sam zei

That is a lovely journal you are making. Nice craft "room" too! There is no rule as to when you make your journals as far as I am aware!

butlersabroad zei

Looks like a fantastic trip Franka, love your new craft space too. I think you must have visited some of my favourite places whilst you were in England.


scrapwordsmom zei

Crafting outside is my absolute fave!! Haven't done it in awhile. Looks divine.


Julia Dunnit zei

5 degrees..brrrr, how horrid. I hope the days made up for it! Love your garden work space, how nice to bea ble to reminisce about your holiday whilst enjoying your own garden.

Fuchsia zei

I love the idea of crafting in the garden wish I had a nice sunny conservatory that would do :D

okienurse zei

I love to sit outside and do my crafts but like you I live in a very windy and hot place so my time outside is limited. Have fun with the memories and getting your travel book done.

Neet zei

Love the look of your journal and I think YOU have given ME some ideas on how to do it. Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #5

JoZart zei

It is lovely to sit outdoors to craft and our weather was good enough for me to do it too last week.
I see from your journal that you visited the Lake District. One of my favourite areas in England.
Thanks for al ate snoop on your W!
JoZarty x

Elizabeth zei

Hi Franka, I'm sure keeping a travel journal is a great idea but somehow never manage to do more that jot down a few notes. I do collect leaflets and keep ephemera but never do anything with them despite my great intentions so I think you are doing a great job writing up your journal. It's a pity it was so cold for you because the Lake District in sunshine is just gorgeous. Hope you're having a great weekend. Elizabeth x #99

Sue from Oregon zei

Darn, I never get to travel much...maybe a trip to the grocery store LOL! So jealous of your wonderful outside craft spot! Lucky you! Happy belated WOYWW!


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