dinsdag 8 maart 2011

WOYWW - deel 2

Tja, het moest er toch weer een keer van komen; mijn boekenkast / werkkast moet leeg. Aangezien we in een lief, mooi en oud huis wonen heeft dit, naast veel romantiek, ook z'n nadelen. De vloeren zijn nl. niet meer zo stabiel en recht, met als gevolg dat kasten, vooral de hoge exemplaren, scheef staan en langzaam van de muur af komen. Zo ook deze.

Well, it had to happen someday...my bookcase/work-cupboard had to be emptied. We live in a sweet, beautiful and old house but as romantic as this may sound, there are also some down-sides. The floors aren't that stable or level, which means cupboards, especially the tall ones, end up all crooked and slowly come away from the wall. Just like this one.

Met als gevolg dat de hele inhoud van deze, nogal kleine, ingreep uiteindelijk op mijn bureau belandt.

Just one small job and the entire contents of the cupboard end up on my work-desk.

Op deze foto's zijn niet alleen scrap- en stempelmaterialen te zien. Tussen alle spulletjes is ook gereedschap voor het quilten te vinden; een andere hobby van mij.

On these pictures you not only see scrap- and stampmaterials. You can also spot some tools for quilting, which is another hobby of me.

Dan pas blijkt hoeveel spulletjes ik heb. Het past niet eens allemaal op mijn twee tafels, zodat zelfs de vloer bijna helemaal vol komt te staan.

And it's only then that I realise how much stuff I really have. I can't even fit it onto two tables, so now it's overflowed onto the floor.

En wanneer toch alles overhoop is gehaald kan ik het niet laten om mijn "Place of heaven" maar eens een grondige schoonmaakbeurt te geven. Jammer voor de productie, want waar gepoetst wordt, wordt niet geknutseld . Dus helaas dames (sorry, en heren) voor een mooi stukje stempelwerk moeten jullie even een paar dagen wachten. Ik ga maar vlug aan de slag.

When everything is so upside-down I just can't resist the urge to give my “ little piece of heaven” a good old clean. Not such good news for the productive side of life, when there's cleaning, there's no crafting! So alas ladies (sorry, and gents) you will have to wait a few days longer to see some lovely stamping. I need to be getting busy, fast!

16 opmerkingen:

sasa zei

Wow - what a lot of stuff Franka! But it is all VERY nice stuff, I must say. Could play there all day...You can start a shop! Hope you get all cleaned up soon and can make some more wonderful artwork!

Sarah x

Helen zei

You have LOTS of lovely things here - hope you get everything sorted how you want, soon!

jude zei

Alas it will be worth it in the end!Nothing like spring cleaning..lol
hugs and happy wedensday

Neil zei

At least you should make some interesting discoveries when you get round to putting it all back! Have a nice day!

Karen zei

You have lots of lovely craft bits there, I do hope you can get yourself sorted out again soon :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #92

The Crafty Elf zei

With all that stuff you will create some wonderful things, I'm sure. It's nice to clean and organize every now and then.

Shazsilverwolf zei

I know exactly what you mean, we have a lovely old Victorian end of terrace house, and there is no such thing as a level floor, straight wall or square corner! Shaz #118

Caroline Hallett zei

what a lovely load of stash you have to play with there - enjoy

okienurse zei

I love old houses but they do have their limitations. One we lived in in Kansas City the floors creaked all the time and like you say every thing sinks. Love all the stash! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

Carola Bartz zei

Oh those old houses! We doweled all our bookshelves to the wall because of the earthquakes in this part of the country (California), this might be an idea for your "crooked" shelves as well.

Marjo zei

LOL, Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #6


Sorry you have crooked shelves, but I bet you just love your older home! Attach those shelves with screws to the wall! Love your space.....thanks so much for sharing!

Rumtruffle zei

Wow a VERY busy desk, have fun xxx

Sue from Oregon zei

oh what a chore, but it will be so nice to have it so wonderfully organized ...again LOL!

Elizabeth zei

Hello, I hope the cleaning has gone well and that you are now able to craft again. My bookcase and computer table both became unstable recently so they had to be cleared and repaired and, like you, I took the opportunity to have a big clean. Now everything is back where it should be. Hope your weekend went well as it is now Monday and I'm late visiting. Elizabeth x #97

Nicky zei

Love all your stash and bet it all nicely organised back on the clean shelves by now- visiting late this week ~ Nicky 2 :)


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